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Choosing the Best Funeral Home Loan Program

Operating a business, especially a funeral home, is certainly not an easy task. When seeking a small business loan, funeral home owners, cremation professionals, and those in the death care industry in general may find that obtaining traditional financing is not always an easy process. Unfortunately, COVID and the recent omicron variant have caused a nationwide unprecedented number of deaths. This pandemic has also severely affected the economy, making banks more reluctant to lend. However, your business may also be experiencing an unexpected increase in demand for its services, which in turn requires business funding to fuel its growth.

e-Biz Finance Group has knowledgeable loan consultants that can assist your funeral home business obtain the best business loan it needs. Whether you’re seeking financing for hiring new staff, marketing and advertising, or general expansion, we are here to make the lending process simple, so that you can focus on operating your business. We have loan options that can fund within 24 hours and require no credit score minimum, and also have programs with rates as low as 6% that require no collateral and fund within a week (for those with strong credit history). We understand every business has a different financial situation, which is why we offer a our variety of loan programs to funeral homes.

Banks, credit unions, and conventional lending sources in general will ask for significant documentation and take months to render a decision. With e-Biz Finance Group , our loan consultants take a consultative approach to identify the ideal financial product for your funeral business, and can have you approved and funded within a matter of days (or hours in some cases). Please find below more information on some of the loan options we have for funeral homes.

The Best Business Loans for Funeral Homes