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Semi-Truck and Truck Financing

We are the premier lending firm that provides truck financing for companies in all 50 states. Lots of trucking firms have a hard time accessing the much-needed financing options from lending institutions. Our goal at e-Biz Finance Group has always been to advance competitive loan facilities to these trucking companies to enable them to manage their cash flows properly.

The trucking business is a capital intensive venture with high and low months when business and the resultant cash flows fluctuate widely. The loans for truckers cover a number of costs such as covering the numerous tolls, hiring new drivers, expanding your existing fleet and general maintenance costs.

Why choose to borrow from us?

Traditional lending institutions typically require lengthy documentation and extensive credit verification processes. This simply means even if you are approved it might still take a couple of days before your loan facility is disbursed. At e-Biz Finance Group we want to cut through the red tape to help you get the much-needed credit in a short time so that you can take care of your pressing financial needs. That’s why our loan application process is fast, simple, and straightforward. Once you avail your basic business data, we will review the business and financial performance and inform you about your application process within a matter of hours.

When should I apply for a trucking loan?

It doesn’t matter whether the business climate is on the upswing or the downswing, firms and individuals will always need a way to transport their goods. This means that at any point in time your trucking company may be in need of trucking business loans. If you are seeking to expand your fleet, automate your business, or open up new branches, then you will need a loan facility. Most importantly, if your business is going through a short-term financial crisis where your books aren’t balancing, then a trucking loan will help you plug that hole.

The benefits of our commercial truck financing

One of the reasons why we’ve been able to have such a great pool of clients is because we have a quick approval process, with funding occurring in two business days or less. A poor credit record is not necessarily a problem since we take an in-depth look at the overall business performance. We also provide a wide array of Trucking Business Loans that can be used as capital for any business expense. Keep in mind that our repayment process is tailored to meet your business’s unique cash flow model. These are some additional benefits of equipment financing for a trucking business.

Types of trucking Loans

When it comes to accessing the much-needed trucking loan, you simply need to think through four things. That is a business history, credit history, repayment period, and cash-flow. First, we can advance you a small secured business loan with repayment terms that can last for a couple of years.

We can also advance to you a merchant cash advance which is mainly needed for financial emergencies. Though the fees can run high, it is still the best option when you need the money immediately. Lastly, you can get a working capital loan that can help you meet the day-to-day expenses in the short run.

How to qualify for our trucking business loan

Trucking is such a rewarding yet high-risk industry. This means that there are very few lending institutions that are willing to provide loans for truckers. There are a few things you can do to make your trucking business loan-worthy. First make sure your insurance is adequate and updated for all the trucks, employees, and inventory. Secondly, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate your ability to repay the loan facility by having the monthly revenue minimums. It’s also vital that your business has been operating for a while because we do not offer loans for opening businesses, only to the existing businesses.

The equipment we finance

The reason why you should secure a loan from us is that we provide business loans for trucking companies covering a broad range of equipment. These include heavy-duty tractor and trailers, medium-duty commercial trucks, box trucks, and tow trucks, dump trucks, the PTO & blowers which are free of any liens, as well as all sizes and types of trucks. We extend the trucking loans to owner-operators, existing freight transport companies as well as private parties and vendor/dealer deals. Even if your trucking business doesn’t fall under any of these categories, we can still evaluate it on a one-on-one basis and advise you on your loan legibility.

We are industry leaders

We have an impressive team of professional and competent staffers who are well versed in the trucking industry and who handle our excellent loan facilities and can help you to structure competitive repayment plans. So far we have extended over $150 Million in Loans in all fifty states with an Approval Rate of 92%. If you seek a trucking loan facility from us, you’ll be joining a long list of satisfied clients in the industry who have used our services to sustain their trucking business.