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While it’s always important to invest money into improving your practice, any healthcare provider can tell you that there are lots of other areas demanding their attention. For starters, it’s costing more and more to complete medical training. Research shows that 35% of medical students plan to graduate with more than $200,000 in loan debt. And 43% of medical students say their biggest financial concern will be paying off their school debt.

So it requires a bit of a give and take. Paying down loans is crucial. But if you also put money into your practice, you’ll improve patient loyalty, attract new patients, adapt for seasonal demand, and keep your practice running efficiently. The resulting business growth can bring increased profitability that’ll help you pay off your debt faster.

So what loans are best for your practice? That depends on whether you plan to use it to start a practice, move to a new location, hire staff, or purchase new equipment. As a rule of thumb, three of the most relevant loan types are equipment financing, accounts receivable financing, and a line of credit.

The good news is that most lenders consider medical practice loans to be a safe bet, which immediately tilts the odds in your favor. Not only will they be more willing to work with you, but the loan’s terms will often be more favorable. See, all that medical training is already paying off!

Now that you have some context, here’s a handful of the best loan options for your medical practice: